We called our brand Pitanga after a native Brazillian fruit called the same, known in English as Brazilian cherry. It’s spectaculary beautiful in shape, texture, and color. It also has an extraodinary beauty that comes from nature.

We believe shoes should be like that – beautiful in shape, texture, color and must have an exotic beauty that comes from nature.

Our shoes are hand made in Spain and we are very proud of that in sense of using good local material and by doing that we support our “green” way of thinking.

Pitanga is proud to be able to say that all of it’s shoe production takes place in Spain benefiting Spanish workers. We dont aprove of child labor, bad work circumstances in Bangladesh or hunger salaries. We are sure that our costumers are more satisfied to walk around on shoes made by content workers.


Our shoes are handmade, as mentioned before and are made of real leather. The glue we use is natural. We use lightweight construction ( second lightest shoes in Spain ). We use a innovative technique  that adapts to the form of your feet. Our use of cork for platform is the best shock absorber. The angle of our heels is not too big and we use real rubber for a better grip. Our shoes are easy to clean because we have a special treatment for the cover of the shoe. And last but not least, our shoes have been tested on workers of Pitanga shoe shop ( 8 hours standing ) so it much be comfortable!

“Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world…”
– Merilyn Monroe

Spain has a long tradition of shoe making, most of it takes place in Elche, a city close by Alicante. this is the place where our miracles happen. Photographer Alfred Mauve and Shay Bordiny, the founder of Pitanga,  went together to visit the factories where the whole story takes place.

Here are the results…